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About Polarity Therapy

What can I expect from a Polarity Therapy session?



The human body has a natural energy flow which, if blocked, can cause issues to develop. With Polarity Therapy blockages are cleared, bringing the energy flow - and you - back into balance.


After the first session you'll notice the difference. You'll feel better and you'll think better.



Energy is another key factor in Polarity Therapy.  

People are awash with energy  -- it's in the sunlight, on our faces in the food we eat and in the muscles that allow us to move.


So with Polarity Therapy, for example we can find a reoccurring headache or neck-ache might have its source in an unbalanced pelvis.



Addressing the body in a holistic manner makes sense. As Under the skin we are all a densely interconnected assortment of bones, muscles, nerves, sinew and organs.


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