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What is

Polarity Therapy is a natural hands-on technique to realign, repair and relax your body.


It is not new. First devised more than 50 years ago - and refined ever scince - Polarity Therapy aims to re-establish the body's natural balance.


Blending Modern Science with Complimentary Medicine. 

Polarity Therapy is a holistic treatment that addresses the person as a whole - not just an elbow, a neck or a spine.

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About Us

"For the past 16 years I've been using Polarity Therapy in helping people from all walks of life restore their natural balance - helping them overcome a wide range of issues including joint and muscle pain, stiffness, headaches fatigue and much more. There is no crunching, twisting or other painful manipulation, just a gentle working of key muscle points. It makes you feel better and think better." Garry Evans

Contact Us

Abergeldie House

Unit 6, 548 Portrush Rd.

Glen Osmond, SA 

Tel: 0419 852 475

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